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August 23, 2012

New Jersey homeowners told to beware of predators.

New Jersey homeowners sometimes are prey. Some human predators with nasty teeth and relatively few scruples can be found in just about any mix of home mortgage or home insurance companies. Cautious homeowners who are either in the market for mortgage refinancing or home insurance policies must be wary.

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance offers on its website (state.nj.us) some tips on how to spot a predatory lender and how to avoid being ripped apart by one. Many of the cautionary suggestions also are applicable to New Jersey home insurance consumers who are seeking a new or replacement policy.

Basically, predators that target homeowners offer deceptive terms or otherwise fraudulently misrepresent the financial product they want to push onto the homeowner. To avoid being injured in an encounter with one of these stalking companies, the Department suggests some fundamental rules for wise shoppers.

  • Shop around. You can’t get much more basic than that, yet some New Jersey home insurance buyers can’t be bothered. They lay themselves open for aggressive predatory sellers.
  • Know thyself. In other words, know going into any home insurance sales session what you can afford in premiums.
  • Know the industry. Have a general idea what a New Jersey home insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover. A company that promises too much is as bad as one that offers too little.
  • Read before you sign. Ultimately what is being offered has to be conveyed in writing in the policy paperwork. Take time to sort it out so that you will not be surprised. Discovering the truth of the matter during a claims process is way too late.

New Jersey is situated among large metropolitan centers of the East Coast of the United States and serves as a crossroads and a commuter state. Chemical research is a top industry of the state along with tourism, which is centered on resorts and public areas along the Atlantic Ocean. The state is, in three words, a busy place.


Nearly 9 million people call New Jersey home. Yet some of the most delightful parts of the state are in rural areas where livestock (chickens and dairy animals) produce in rural pens, and fertile truck farms and groves grow vegetables, berries and fruit. The Garden State comes by its title naturally.