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Types of homeowners insurance for all types of homes


Most homeowners are not familiar with the 8 types of homeowners insurance because they typically own just one type covering the home in which they live. However, some property owners have several types of property, each of which is insured. The alphabet of home insurance types is singular—HO—but there are 8 variations on the theme.

Homeowners insurance agent is good to have around


Time was that homeowners seeking information about a policy would first of all contact an insurance agent. The agent was the holder of all the most vital pieces of information about policy provisions and dispenser of industry knowledge. Furthermore, he often had been a family’s insurance agent for several generations and, thus, was a trusted source.

Florida homeowners insurance rates not a mystery

For several years, Florida homeowner insurance rates have been more volatile than in most other states. The rates have skyrocketed in some cases, or policies been cancelled or shuffled into the state-run Citizens Insurance Corporation as a last resort. This has discomfited homeowners and probably affected movement into and out of the state.