Free homeowners insurance quotes are good for a buyer

Apple pie is said to be an American preference and so is comparison shopping. The United States has a long legacy of economic competition and Americans are quite comfortable looking for the best deal for their money. This is why insurers offer free homeowners insurance quotes.

Buying a home often is the largest single investment that an American makes in his lifetime. For an expenditure as important as that, a home buyer ought to be doubly careful about the policy purchased to protect the investment. That is, the home buyer should shop around before buying a homeowners insurance policy.

To the industry’s credit, insurers have made the homeowners insurance policy shopping easier by offering free insurance quotes. Were the quotes not free, homeowners might feel compelled to jump into a policy on the basis of a company reputation rather than on the merits of a specific policy that meets their needs at a price they can afford.

This also reflects well on the industry because it demonstrates a transparency that is reassuring to a consumer. If quotations for a policy are shrouded in “what ifs” and “on the other hands,” and were said to be too complicated to allow for up-front pricing, a consumer is set up to buy a pig in a poke. Responsible insurers don’t operate that way.

Yet a home buyer has to do some homework. For instance, the exact same criteria must be used for each company from which a quote is sought. Otherwise the quotes are comparing apples to oranges and are worthless. Whether the quotes are on one site or several company sites, the competing insurers must compete on the same footing.

Owning a home is part of the American dream, but homeowners should protect their dream by shopping smart for a policy. Comparison shopping through free homeowners insurance quotes is as easy as going online and clicking a few times. An even wiser move would be to let a reputable agent help guide the shopping process and add valuable input.

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