Ark Royal Homeowners Insurance Coverage Policies

Learn About "Ark Royal Homeowners Insurance" Policies

If you have made it to this far, most likely you are looking for an Ark Royal Homeowners Insurance Policy. Congratulations on being a homeowner in Florida. One of the most important decisions for your house is choosing a homeowners carrier that can pay your future claims. Ark Royal Insurance Company offers many products in Florida to do just that. Take a look at their homeowners policies:

  • Florida Homeowners Insurance
  • Owner-Occupied Homeowner Coverage/HO3
  • Condominium Coverage/HO6
  • Dwelling Fire Insurance/DP3

Learn More About Ark Royal Policies

Ark Royal offers comprehensive property and liability insurance policies for homeowners and condo owners in Florida through two types of policies.

If you have a single-family home that is occupied via an owner, then this insurance policy offers insurance coverage for the majority of risks, like fire, wind and high voltage lightning.

Ark Royal offers policy protection for Floridians that own condominium units, but the owner of the condo needs to be living or residing in the establishment for at least four months out of every year.

The last policy that Ark Royal offers is coverage to seasonal or rental properties. This type of policy works well for all of those snowbirds coming to Florida during the cold weather months of New England. This type of policy can't be written as a package, but Ark allows you to buy only the amount of coverage that you need.