Sawgrass Mutual Homeowners Insurance Company In Florida

A newer carrier to the marketplace, Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Company, has been offering great rates through out the state of Florida.  This new homeowners insurance company located in Davie, Florida is registered as a mutual company.  Do you know what that means?  A mutual company is owned by the policyholders.  Sawgrass Mutual only servers their policy holders and not big bank investors looking to turn a profit.  Profits made by the mutual state within the company and benefit anyone who has a policy.  Policyholders can take a pro-active approach and vote for new members of the company's board of directors.  The long term approach for this carrier in Florida is to stay a mutual company that offers policyholders the financial strength and stability that will allow for quality coverage and rates for many years to come. 

Sawgrass Mutual providers high quality, affordable property insurance for Florida customers, and their home products include:

  • affordable rates
  • coverage for your home and structures that are attached to your house
  • personal property, including clothes, furniture and appliances
  • detached structures like fences and pools
  • medical payments
  • claims for property damage or bodily injury
  • multiple payment options

Take a closer look at Sawgrass Mutual today by calling 1-800-554-9142 and remember that they are committed to providing your as the policyholder a professional, fair, and accurate settlement of any future claims.  That is their commitment  to you.