Florida Homeowners Insurance Definition: Claim

Filing a home insurance can be a very tedious and unpleasant process. However, if you understand your home insurance policy and follow the claim process properly, you can easily file your home insurance claim. The following tips will help you file your home insurance claim:

1. Inform your Insurance company: The first step to claim home insurance is to inform your insurance provider about the damage to your home and submit the insurance claim form. Once you submit the claim form, the insurance company will appoint an adjuster to investigate your claim. The adjuster will review your insurance policy, the type of coverage you have and what are the deductibles.

2. Report to the police: If you home is damaged due to vandalism, burglary or theft, you must file a theft report with the police and get a copy of the report. You must keep all the records safe and show it with the adjuster appointed by your insurance company.

3. Schedule an appointment with adjuster: Call you insurance company as soon as your home is of damaged and start to pursue your claim. Ask your insurance provider to schedule an adjuster inspection the damaged property. Also ask your insurance provider to make arrangements for water, fire damage cleanup and a restoration contractor.

4. List all the items damaged or lost: You must furnish details of the items lost or damaged when you file your home insurance claim with your insurance company. You must not throw away the damaged items till the time your insurance company conducts its survey for damaged items. The adjuster will review all the damaged items and calculate your compensation amount accordingly.

5. Take pictures or video of the damaged property: It is a good idea to click pictures or to create a video of the damage properties to substantiate your home insurance compensation claim. Include the copies of the picture or the tape along with the other home insurance claim records. This will help the investigating authorities to gauge the damage and assess your insurance claim. 6. Make temporary repairs: Make temporary repairs to your damaged property to prevent complete and any further damage to your property. Keep the repair receipts and bills safely and include the copies of the bill with your insurance claim form to get reimbursement for the same from the insurer.

Following the above tips will help you to pass through the home insurance claim process swiftly and get your compensation amount without any hassles.