Florida Homeowners Insurance Terminology: Get Mobile Home Insurance

A mobile home can be defined as the manufactured home that can be transported via trailer-tractor. It is also known as a "mini-home" or "trailer." Mobile homes are usually found in mobile home parks or campsites. Just as a regular home insurance, mobile home insurance provides protection to your home and your personal property.

Mobile insurance coverage provides compensation for replacing or repairing your mobile home in case it gets damaged due to a storm, vandalism, fire, lightning or any other mishap that is mentioned in your policy. Mobile home insurance is mainly of two types - actual cash value coverage and replacement cost coverage.

1. Actual cash value coverage: In case of any kind of damage to your mobile home, you would be compensated only up to the depreciated value of your home, according to this type of mobile home insurance coverage.

2. Replacement cost coverage: If your mobile home is destroyed or damaged, the replacement cost provided by the policy pays for complete replacement of your mobile home.

Remember that standard mobile home insurance doesn't provide coverage to your mobile home while it is being transported. If you want this coverage, you can include trip collision coverage to your insurance plan to get compensation for damages to your mobile home while on the move.

1. Personal Property: Mobile home insurance coverage also provides protection to all your personal property within your mobile home including appliance, furniture and fixtures, sports equipments, electronics, clothing and other items. The insurance coverage provides compensation to replace the damaged items due to perils mentioned in the policy.

2. Protects your valuable assets: Sine mobile homes are on the move constantly, typically all mobile insurance coverage protects your valuable assets that are vulnerable to damage while on the move. Besides, protecting your assets, mobile home insurance also pays for the medical expenses if any person gets injured or hurt in your home. The mobile home insurance policy also compensates if your mobile home structures damages other person's personal property. Mobile home insurance pays the legal fees and court expenses in case if the person, whose property is damaged, files a law suit.

If you are looking for affordable mobile home insurance, the best way to find a good insurance plan is online. Over the Internet you can get free insurance quotes from different insurance providers, compare their quotes and zero down on any one, who provides the maximum coverage at the best price.