Florida Homeowners Insurance Definition: FAQ For Water Damage

As a homeowner, it is very important for you to have an insurance cover for your property and personal items tom protect them against any kind of damage. It can be very useful to invest in an insurance policy that provides compensation against water damage. There's a lot of confusion in the minds of people concerning what does a water damage insurance policy actually include. If you too are one of them, following information will help you:

How Is Water Damage In Florida Covered?

Following is a list of examples concerning what does a water damage insurance policy cover:

  • Anything considered to be accidental, such as a pipe burst, can be covered by a water damage insurance policy.
  • 2. Any kind of damage caused due to water. For instance, if a leaking dishwater hose damages your carpet, your insurance provider will compensate for the damage caused; however, you'll be responsible for getting the hose repaired.
  • 3. Bathtub overflows, as bathtub overflows can be considered to be accidental; it's covered by a water insurance policy.

A water damage insurance policy may not cover the following:

  • Water damage caused due to neglect or poor maintenance.
  • Water damage caused due to floods. (You'd need to get a separate flood insurance policy for this).
  • Water seepage, as it's not accidental and hence considered a maintenance problem.
  • Sewage backups and backyard pool leaks.

It's recommended that you file your water damage insurance claims immediately after you experience water damage in your property for the first time. Also, you should notify your insurance provider beforehand about the damages you wish to claim for. You'll also need to properly assess and document the extent of water damage that can be caused to your property. You can consider using a camera to take pictures of your properties. Ensure to have a written documentation along with the photographs.

It is advised that you repair the properties you can fix. Remember, it's your responsibility to prevent future damage to your property. It'd help to keep an updated inventory of your property before the water damage actually occurs.

It's very important that you take important steps to prevent your property against water damage. Remember, if water leaks into your property, it can facilitate the development of mould, which in turn can cause further damage to the property and also result in health complications. Hence, fix all the leakage problems before opting for a water damage insurance policy.