Homeowners Insurance Policies

If you have just purchased a new home in Florida then it is a must that you get a Sunshine State Florida homeowners insurance quote. Did you just get a renewal increase from your current home insurance carrier? If so, one our independent agents would like to bind you a policy that is affordable and offers you maximum financial protection for your house. Sunshine State Insurance Company offers many of the top rated products in the "Sunshine state". Some of Sunshine's product portfolio includes coverage's for the following:
There are many types of homeowners insurance policies to review before purchasing a specific plan. Your home is typically the most expensive asset an individual owns, and if destroyed, would leave you in great financial hardship. The majority of all mortgage companies require you to have homeowners coverage to secure your loan. Make sure you review the various policies offered in the marketplace.
The majority of homeowners insurance policies cover items like dwelling, other structures on the property, contents, and will also pay for living expenses if the residence becomes non livable. Make sure you check limits for personal liability insurance as well.
The newest homeowners insurance policies offered in the marketplace are based on the Homeowners 2000 Program (HO 2000). These policies are the standard in the market and ensure that your policy is compliant. There are six major homeowners insurance policies that are offered in the HO 2000 program standard that will cover homeowners, renters, and condominiums. Types of homeowners insurance policies:

  • HO-1: This is an older type of policy that is rarely sold in todays marketplace.
  • HO-2: Homeowners 2, (Broad Form) is a named-perils policy that covers specific perils within the policy.
  • HO-3: Homeowners 3, (Special Form) is the most common policy purchased, which is known as an open perils policy that will cover items like direct damage to the house or other structures.
  • HO-4: Homeowners 4, (Contents Broad Form) is a modified HO-2 policy that is for renters, apartments, or houses.
  • HO-5: Homeowners 5, (Comprehensive Form) is a perils policy that includes direct damage or loss to personal items or property.
  • HO-6: Homeowners 6, (Unit-Owners Form) is another modified HO-2 policy that is designed for condominiums or cooperatives.
  • HO-8: Homeowners 8, (Modified Coverage Form) is the policy for you if you have an older home. If your replacement cost is much higher than the value, HO-8 is for you.