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Why purchase "AAA Homeowners Insurance" for your house?

Shopping for a new home insurance policy online? We are an experienced homeowners brokerage that offers all of the major insurance markets. Do you know what AAA has to offer in your area? We offer FREE florida house insurance quotes here. If you are in another state or county, you can still get quotes, just use our easy to use form, or call us today at 800-554-9142. We only offer the top rated home insurance companies nationwide. Do you currently have a AAA homeowners policy? If that is your situation today, it might be a good idea to get new quote. When was the last time you reviewd your coverages and rates? Learn more about what AAA has to offer your old or new house.


  • Check out Frequently Asked Questions about all AAA policies
  • 1. Does AAA offer homeowners Insurance?
  • 2. Define a "Traditional AAA Home Policy"?
  • 3. Do they offer AAA renters insurance?
  • 4. Does AAA have "Condo Insurance"?

1. Answer: AAA offers a variety of homeowners insurance to consumers. They believe that your home insurance policy should be like your house, unique. AAA explains that each policy they write will be customized to the consumer it insures. AAA insurance brokers are available to answer the tough questions you might have. All policies will provide you with the financial security that is necessary in todays property market. Get a quote and compare how AAA programs match up with the rest of the marketplace. It would be typical to compare AAA, AARP, and AIG house policies side by side.

2. Answer: A traditional or "typical" AAA policy covers your house, garage and all utility buildings that reside in direct physical contact with your structure. It doesn't matter if you are vacation or taking a nap on the couth. An added benefit AAA offers is the benefit of personal liability coverage. In addition, AAA pays it's traditional policy holders for extra expenses if you are displaced while you home or claim is being fixed. That is a pretty nice feature few home carriers offer.

3. Answer: Yes, AAA offers a very nice renters policy. It provides great protection for personal liability, property, and even health insurance payments to individuals, while kicking in for some other living expenses. If you have heard of the Aflac "duck" you know what we are talking about.

4. Answer: AAA condo insurance rates are very competitive in recent years. This type of policy provides quality protection for single unit owners, or multi unit owners for their personal property, liability, and health insurance payments to individuals. If you write agent writes your policy correctly you should see a small amount of building coverage too.