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Allstate and Universal offer Rate Increases

Saturday, October 6, 2012

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Looks like home insurance rates are going up again for Universal Property, along with Allstate Insurance. 

Government regulators have approved rate increases topping 7 percent for just two more home insurers: Universal and Allstate.

That's from some 5 percent increase on home insurance policies for State Farm and another hike expected this week for state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Florida's largest home insurance carrier.

Universal, the state's second-largest insurance carrier associated home owners, was granted an average of 23 percent in rate increase, bringing the vast majority of the cost due to the homeowner policies to $2,170, said the DOI.

Allstate's Castle Key Insurance was given an average 14.9 portion increase, and also also of which Fortress Key Indemnity some kind of typical 8.2 percent increase, bringing their average policy premiums to about $1,400 a year. Allstate's units combined rank mainly because the state's No. 4 insurer after State Farm, Florida data shows.

Amounts paid upon individual policies will fluctuate in all geographic areas.  Southern area Fla homeowners generally pay a lot more money as a result higher hurricane risk than many other parts of the state, experts say.

Increases also vary based on the type of policy you have. As an illustration, Castle Key Insurance was granted a 12.9 increase on insurance for homes along with a 34.1 percent raise on policies for condominiums.

Insurers assume increases tend to be needed, because companies are having to pay out a lot more in claims and costs when compared to they how much they are collecting in premiums. One reason: a rise in fees for re-insurance, the insurance that the companies buy from global firms.

Re-insurers tend to be charging more soon after costly catastrophes globally, such has last year's tsunami in Japan, based in the Insurance Information Institute, an industry trade  group.

Allstate's Insurance coverage had sought for a 32.7 percent increase, all the while Castle Major point Indemnity had asked to enjoyment in a 21.9 percent raise.

Allstate's units also had been given rate increases on home insurance coverage final 12 months as effectively because in 2010. Castle Major point Insurance received a 14.5 percent raise last year and 18.7 percent in 2010. Castle Key Indemnity was approved with regard to 35.7 percent hike not too long ago and 17.8 percent raise in 2010.

Meanwhile, Residents is now asking as for an eleven percent raise, plus affirmation to shed some 300,000 policyholders to slash its risk.

However Residents' plans are to cut out nearly one out of four existing customers and trigger questions Monday from The boy wonder Wescott, the state insurance consumer advocate.

Inside related with a letter to Residents' chief, she asked for specifics in how People evolved its figures on shedding existing customers and requested some alternate scenarios.


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