Met Life Home Insurance

If you are shopping for a new home insurance policy, you might want to check out policies from MetLife, a brand of Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Like other insurers in the state, MetLife is experiencing economic pressures endemic to Florida and may not offer the types of policies you seek. However, there is no question about the financial stability of this international insurer. It always is a great idea to compare what several credible carriers have to offer—and we offer real time homeowners insurance quotes. A free Florida homeowners insurance quote is available to you right here at this moment, whether or not you are in Florida today.

Here is some general information about MetLife:

MetLife believes that the home is a person’s greatest physical asset, whether the home is a free-standing house, a townhouse, a mobile home, or a condo. Even an apartment unit can be protected by MetLife Auto & Home insurance policy. Claims service is 24/7/365 with answering claims personnel skilled in their ability to answer questions and facilitate solutions.


MetLife covers contents of a home, which says a lot—furniture and appliances, clothes and other personal possessions, television sets and electronic equipment. Policies cover damage to property from numerous allowable causes including lightning, fire, smoke, windstorm, vandalism, and theft. And when legal calamities arise, liability coverage will pay for judgments, court fees, and legal defense expenses from lawsuits. The bottom line is that MetLife wants its policyholders to be able to repair their homes, rebuild their homes when devastation occurs, and replace lost or damaged property.


Even though a condo owner likely carries a master insurance policy to cover the building, a policyholder may want a separate policy to protect individual interests. Condo insurance provides coverage for:

  • Improvements made to a unit that are not covered by association agreements
  • Personal structures
  • Unexpected association loss easements
  • Personal liability
  • Legal defense costs in lawsuits
  • Personal property

Condo owners share responsibility for certain community resources and could be asked to pay for repairs or lawsuits not covered by the association’s master insurance policy. A condo insurance policy shields a policyholder from those potential costs, including loss assessment coverage for up to $1,000. For an additional premium, a higher loss assessment limit can be established.


MetLife offers special homeowners policies crafted to meet particular needs. If a mobile home owner experience damage or loss due to a covered occurrence, MetLife will pay to repair or replace a mobile or manufactured home, attached porches/decks, and attached structures (garages, storage sheds). If forced to vacate a residence due to a covered loss, MetLife reimburses living expenses. Additionally, when a mobile or manufactured home is moved to a new location, it’s also protected en route if optional trip collision coverage is in force.


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