Travelers Home Insurance

If you are shopping for a new home insurance policy, you might want to check out policies from Travelers, which is part of The Travelers Companies, the largest American insurance company by market value. The international company is experiencing economic pressures endemic to Florida and may not offer the types of policies you seek. However, there is no question about the financial stability of this international insurer. It always is a great idea to compare what several credible carriers have to offer—we offer real time homeowners insurance quotes. A free Florida homeowners insurance quote is available to you at this very moment, whether you are in Florida or elsewhere.

Here is some general information about Travelers:

Traveler’s has been protecting families from property losses for about 148 years. The company’s product line is broad and its commitment to policyholders is deep. It looks after its customers through premium discounts, special coverages, and fast claims service. Its symbol is the red umbrella, which expresses a philosophy of reliable, timeless coverage. Some of its customer pledges include:

  • Competitive price points to save customers money
  • A comprehensive range of products
  • Flexible insurance packages that offer a high degree of customization
  • Superior financial stability
  • Fast, efficient claim handling supported by a toll-free, 24-hour claim hotline
  • A constant commitment to innovation for consumers seeking more from their insurance company


Travelers offers several ways policyholders can save money on their home insurance:

  • Account discount – Travelers customers can save up to 15% on home insurance when they have more than one policy with the company
  • Home buyer discount – This is available to customers who have purchased their home within the prior 12 months to a policy’s effective date
  • Loss free discounts – These are offered to eligible customers who have not experienced a loss within a specified time period
  • Protective devices discounts – Customers can save by having such devices such as smoke detectors and alarms, interior sprinkler systems, and home security systems.
  • Green home discount – Homeowners can save up to 5% if a home is certified “green” by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization


Travelers homeowner policies provide coverage for a range of potential home losses including:

  • Damages to a home's physical structure
  • Damages to other structures, such as a garage or shed
  • Personal belongings, whether in a home or elsewhere (including extra coverage for valuable items
  • Temporary living expenses if necessary in the event of a covered loss
  • Personal liability in the event someone is injured or their property is damaged while at the policyholder’s home

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