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August 23, 2012

Virginia home insurance might not cover home offices.  Virginia home insurance covers the usual perils such as tornadoes and fires. But does it cover client injury or loss of your business computer to a thief? These are special coverages that arise when a home insurance policyholder decides to conduct his business from his study.

Much of northern Virginia consists of bedroom communities the inhabitants of which climb in their cars and commute to work in the District of Columbia. With the advent of the Internet, some of these commuters have turned into work-from-home employees, either as self-employed people or online-connected office staff.

Yet such work is outside the usual definition of “home.” It follows that Virginia home insurance providers must redefine what is covered in “home” insurance. This is necessary because suddenly a house is occupied more hours in the day than previously, thereby increasing the chances of personal peril. It also means that business clients and customers are coming to the home thereby raising the chances for a liability incident.

A home insurance policyholder can meet with his agent to discuss the changes in the home and determine what additional or special coverage might be needed to protect against misfortune. For example, an employer’s office equipment carted to the home work station might not be covered in a fire or if stolen. That would also be true for a home insurance policyholder who goes out and buys his own office equipment.

If a home office is busy and complex enough, it might mean a homeowner needs to take out some business insurance to complement his home insurance. One cannot be too careful when it comes to assuring that a home has not been compromised by a business interest.

Virginia is a state whose identity is blurred because of its close relationship with the District of Columbia. Capital doings greatly influence northern Virginia, with tourists, lobbyists and local government officials clogging roadways leading into and out of the District. This relationship is both a boon and a great responsibility for Virginia government leaders.

But the rest of Virginia has its own character, including a mountainous west, wonderful country estates, historic Richmond, founding fathers’ homes, and history-rich Williamsburg. It is a state of industry and agriculture and technology centers. Virginia is said to be for lovers, but doers like it, too.