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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homeowners insurance quotes online are a fact of commercial life. Any adult who is paying attention knows that getting free, relatively detailed insurance quotes online—and comparing them with others gotten online—is a wonderful and relatively recent addition to a consumer’s toolbag.

Quick internet access saves time. Think how many minutes are consumed looking up an insurance agent, calling and making an appointment, climbing in the car to keep the appointment, and then meeting and discussing possible premium options. Now think how long it takes to enter the name of an insurer in an internet search engine, get a quote from the company, and look up the address of a local independent or company agent to talk about the quote. No comparison.

The online quote also saves a homeowner from embarrassment. Industry jargon can be confusing. When an agent—even one trying his best not to confuse—drops in elementary terms that nonetheless mean nothing to a homeowner who is reluctant to ask for an explanation, a breakdown in communication has begun. Better that a property owner gets preliminary homeowners insurance quotes online and tackles the jargon later when he is refining the quotes.

Perhaps the biggest boon to home buyers is the ability to quickly compare online quotes. The key to doing so effectively is to be certain that the same coverage is sought from each insurer so that the comparison is apples and apples. Independent agents are ready to help with policy comparisons, perhaps after a rough determination of value is made by an insurance customer.

Agents are vital in explaining the vital details of a policy. Online quotes are based on good, general information, but every house and every homeowner are a different combination. All of the possible variables in a policy affect the final premium and a knowledgeable agent becomes a homeowner’s best friend in the refinement of a quote.

Homeowners insurance quotes online are a marvelous way to explore insurance policies and get a feel for what is out there. Only a foolish homeownerwould buy a policy with no more information than is given in such a quote. For the rest, insurance agents are available to turn the quote into a perfect policy option.


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Home insurance rates can vary

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home insurance rates are subjectively determined. They are not neatly listed in a book, each ready to be pulled out and applied to a home. That is the first rule that a homeowner must understand when he is looking for a suitable rate on a policy to protect his home: His rate might differ substantially from his neighbor’s.

Home insurance rates vary greatly from state to state. Straight across the country, North Carolina’s average 12-month home insurance rate is $654, Oklahoma’s is $1,730, and California’s is $803, according to homeinsurance.com. The average premium is $853. The variation is wide and based somewhat on regional factors, including weather hazards, fire protection standards, and construction material and costs. Identical homes in different parts of the country will not have identical rates, just as the homes won’t have identical selling prices.

However, one needn’t travel across the country to find $600 annual home insurance rates and $800 annual rates. The varying rates can be in as close proximity as literally next door. That’s because important distinctions can be made between two houses in a neighborhood. One might be older than the other, and the age of a home is a consideration for an insurer. One might have a new roof and another one a potentially leaky one; insurers are concerned about what that means for a house structure and its contents.

Other variables includes whether the occupants of a home smoke—discarded cigarettes have started many a home blaze—and whether the house is constructed of brick or wood. Obviously, brick is less flammable. How close is the nearest fire department station? A crucial few minutes in response time can mean the difference between a partial loss and a total one. Also in the mix of a rate evaluation are a homeowner’s claims history and credit score.

Home insurance rates are a composite of many factors, in other words, some of which are evident, some of which are not. A larger house is going to have a more expensive rate than a smaller one, it stands to reason, but a larger home constructed of brick on a street a block from a fire station might have a lower rate than a somewhat smaller house located in a more perilous part of town. Buying a house and wondering what home insurance rate it might carry? Look at the house as an insurer does, and the rate will become self-evident.



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Find a Better Deal on Insurance

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Occasionally our agency receives emails with the frustration of increasing homeowners insurance rates. 

For example;

Dear PremierHomeownersInsurance.com,

My home insurance policy is up for renewal in a month and my current agent doesn’t represent my current insurer anymore.   We are in the process of shopping around for a cheaper rate that will offer similar coverage to what we have in place.  Will I be-able to find a better rate for my house?  What can your firm do for me?  Many of the other local agents I have called said they can’t help me because many of the zip codes are closed in Florida due to Hurricane season.  Is this true?



Dear Cindy,

It is a fact that many of the Florida homeowners insurance carriers close certain zip codes during the Hurricane season because they do not want to take the chance of serious losses from a large storm.   We know many insurance companies are being highly selective in the amount of risk they are willing to take in certain areas of Florida.  With the carriers slowing down in the process of writing new business, claims on the rise, rates on homeowners insurance tend to increase every year. 

I’d suggest you let one of our experienced consultants at PremierHomeownersInsurance.com help you minimize your future out-of-pocket costs at claim by shopping all of the top rated carriers in the state.  We will not just find you a better rate, but also offer expertise in a variety of coverage’s.  Having a quality agent with experience can truly help you through this process of getting the coverage you need. 

We will be-able to find you a better rate with more coverage, comparison shop all of the carriers in Florida and even get multiple options for you during Hurricane season.  It doesn’t cost you any money to work with an experienced agent like us.  Give us a call today at 1-800-554-9142 to and get started in our easy process to getting quality coverage today!


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State Farm approved to raise Florida home insurance rates 6 percent

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida – State Farm Florida Company is the third largest insurer of houses in the state.  It looks like their rates are going up again!  On average, State Farm rates in Florida will go up by  6 percent this year.  If you have a home insurance policy with State Farm, it might be time to start shopping again to find a better rate.  If you want to compare all of the top rated carriers in Florida, give us a call today at 1-800-554-9142 and we will make it easy for you to find a policy that saves you money.

State Farm has been increasing their rates steadily in Florida since 2009.  This is the fifth rate increase that was approved by the state in the last three years.  In many instances, State Farm clients will also have to review higher deductibles for their Florida home insurance policy.  It looks like some of the out-of-pocket expenses for claims will be rising from $500 to a minimum of $1000 on the majority of homes insured by State Farm.   This increase was recently approved and posted by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

We all have been following Citizens Property Insurance their proposed rate increase of 10 percent.  Citizens, the largest insurance company of homes in Florida, are looking for creative ways to make the Florida marketplace better.  We will see what the state and Citizens comes up with in the near future for FL homeowners. 

State Farm initially asked for even higher rates in Florida, asking for a 15 percent increase in premiums on average.  Have you received your letter of increase from State Farm yet?  If not, I’m sure it will be on the way very soon.

Florida homeowners insurance rates have been skyrocketing over the past several years.  Many of the reasons include, inflation on the costs to rebuild houses, increases in re-insurance premiums and a “hurricane history that has proven this to be a very unprofitable market for property insurance, “ said Lynn McChristian, the Institute’s Florida representative.

It doesn’t matter whether you have State Farm, Citizens, or any other carrier in Florida.  We can help you save time and money when it comes to insurance.  Give us a call today for a FREE policy analysis, 1-800-554-9142.


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Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy Analysis

President Barack Obama put into position the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 that authorizes a brand new tax credit of up to $8,000 for certified first-time Florida homeowners insurance buyers.  You need to hurry up and make the most of this program since it will disappear starting December 1, 2009.  You only have a few months left to get pre approved from the mortgage loan provider to get a new loan.  Upon your financing acceptance, be sure to shop online for the top home insurance insurance plan available.    The internet gives you the buyer to shop for home insurance coverage on the web from the convenience of your lazy boy.  Be sure to compare quotes from a minimum of five of the top rated Florida home insurance companies in the state today.


With Florida’s joblessness rate going above 10%, individuals throughout the state are researching to minimize their expenses.   Many citizens have started to become conscious of each greenback they commit on a monthly schedule.  An excellent place to begin looking for approaches to reduce your cost is by shopping your current lines of insurance.  An insurance policy review of your current homeowners insurance policy could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.  It is crucial to save each and every dollar it is possible to this year on insurance products like home and condominium insurance coverage. 

Shopping your Florida homeowners insurance policy prices online through a portal like, Premier Homeowners Insurance, will allow you to reduce your premiums.  We will offer you a totally free policy evaluation to see if you’re getting the best prices available for your geographic region.  “Having the biggest product portfolio in Florida allows us to make available solutions to virtually every person we talk with. ” We have found that giving our clients quotes from multiple carriers for comparison completes our objective of price transparency.” said Lauren Agnew.

Our firm, Premier Homeowners Insurance, is a property and casualty consulting group located in Florida. We provide items from various premier companies that provide Florida home insurance plans to the whole state.   We provide exact info to our clients, which in turn can take full advantage of all savings available to them.  Our own firm knows that all of our customers have different insurance needs. Consequently, we make every effort in order to offer all sorts of products such as; condominium insurance, flood insurance coverage, home insurance, house insurance, wind policies, and townhouse insurance quotes.


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